About Simple Vision LTD.

Everything should be made as Simple as possible, but not simpler.

(Albert Einstein)


Yair Cohen

Founder & CEO - 15 Years of experience in Architecture & Design of advanced software solutions

Simple Vision LTD. founded in 2015 by Yair Cohen after 15 years of design & development of modern software made simple and accessible to the less 'technical' users. We believe that software should be simple to use in order to gain value to the customers or else it won't be used at all.


The company established a development process based on engineering standards and procedures including structured, staged process of Planning, Design, Development, Review & Deployment letting developers solve the core business problems instead of fighting the plumbing (connectivity, deployment, servers, etc.)


We already have experience with several projects been designed & developed by Simple Vision LTD. including very large IOT turn-key cloud project including Connectivity layer, Cloud services, Management application and Customer facing mobile application as well as large eCommerce solution built for the largest players in the field in Israel.


We have the ability of Full-Stack development from the mobile to cloud services to API & 3rd party integration with diverse skills in Front-End (+Design), Back-End, Mobile, Web and server software systems.